The Malta Arts festival

The Malta Arts Festival has an incredible programme of workshops, talks, demonstrations, and performances featuring Phillip Zarrilli and the Llanarth Group, Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret, between the 1st and 9th July 2012.

Phillip Zarrilli and the Llanarth Group: 1-9 July

The Llanarth Group will be do their part during the Malta Arts Festival 2012, by presenting an intensive workshop on psychophysical training processes applied to structured improvisations and performance problems. Phillip B. Zarilli will perform Samuel Beckett’s plays, the Llanarth Group will perform Beckett plays as well as a day-long Beckett Symposium.

Eugenio Barba and Odin Teatret: 2-4 July

Odin Teatret have been established for 47 years, throughout which they’ve grown into a professional and scholarly milieu characterised by various disciplines and international collaboration. Over time, the company, led by Italian Eugenio Barba created 74 performances in 63 countries and in different social contexts. In Malta Odin Teatret, will present their latest performance ‘The Chronic Life’ and a work demonstration ‘On Dramaturgy’ conducted by Eugenio Barba with actress Julia Varley.

‘Making The Body All Eyes’: 1-2, 4-7 July 2012

Making the Body all Eyes is a workshop conducted by Phillip Zarrilly assisted by the experienced practitioner, teacher and performer Jeungsook Yoo (Korea/UK) relating to the body, breathing, activation and performance. Workshop sessions will be held in the morning, however, the session on the 4th will be held in the afternoon.

Participation fee: €200, single sessions (for observers): €10 daily

‘The Beckett Project’ 5, 6  July

The Llanart Group present ‘Happy Days’ with Patricia Boyette as Winnie and Andy Crook as Willie, directed by Phillip Zarrilli on the 5th and 6th of July at 21:00

Entrance: €15

Samuel Beckett Shorts: 7, 8 July

Ohio Impromptu, Not I, Act Without Words I, Rockaby by Patricia Boyette (USA), Andy Crook (Ireland), Phillip Zarrilli (UK), directed by Phillip Zarrilli on the 7th and 8th July 2012 at 21:00

Entrance: €15

Performing Beckett – Symposium 9 July

A work demonstration by members of the Llanarth Group including Patricia Boyette, Andy Crook, Phillip Zarrilli, Anne McMullan (University of Reading), Nicholas Till (University of Sussex) and Jeungsook Yoo who will conclude the symposium.

Time 10:00-17:00

Fee: €25 (lunch break included)

The Chronic Life: 2, 3 July

Odin’s Teatret latest performance directed by Eugenio Barba at 21:00

Entrance: €15

Eugenio Barba & Julia Varley | ‘on Dramatrurgy’ 3 , 4 July

A two-session work demonstration conducted by Eugenio Barba based on Julia Varley’s solo performance Ave Maria from 10:00-13:00

Entrance: €25

More information about the Malta Arts Festival will be up soon, so stay tuned!


Early Bird (participant): €225
Early Bird student rate (participant): €150
Early Bird observer status €80
Bookings before 15th May 2012 will qualify as an Early Bird for the entire programme.

Full Package (participant): €250
Full Package student rate (participant): €175
Full Package observer status: € 100

Includes the entire programme.
Entrance for performances with these packages is reserved for 2nd July for The Chronic Life, 5th and 7th July for the Beckett Project.

Students should be in possession of a valid student card at the time of registration.
Information regarding accommodation will be provided to foreign applicants.