The Alley Reloaded

Now, you may be wondering what was so special about this place. Well, let me tell you, on weekends between 01:30 to 0400
, there was a super long cue to get in,the place was very affordable and it’s customers were generally the cool type coming from all walks of life.It was crowded, sticky and loud with a great mix of rock music, sounded like you’re in front row at a concert, right next to the speakers..but the crowd loved it.This was The Alley nowadays is gone,but lest it will beforgotten by many.
Please remember this time round no more extra tickets will be issued !
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PRIVE Hair & Nails Sliema
Naracamicie La camicia Italiana
Sliema & Valletta
Muddywaters Rock & Blues
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Henry J Beans – St julians