Dingli: Agriculture & Traditions

Dingli: Agriculture & Traditions is an event organized by the Dingli Local Council between the 12th and 13th of May. This event will showcase what Dingli has to offer in terms of agriculture and traditions. Based on the success of last year’s edition, this year, the organisers moved a step forward to promote innovative ideas with unique attractions around the majestic Dingli Cliffs.

You will have an opportunity to see an exhibition of sheep and goats, and see how these are milked, the making of fresh Maltese cheese (gbejniet), folk Mass at St. Magdalene Church, band marches, cultural walks and tours, cab rides, artists, wine tasting and producing olive oil.

Dingli: Agriculture & Traditions will also have an exhibition of local food, fruit and herbs, crafts and folklore items, traditional farm/wine tools, and also unusual agricultural items. To complete the evenings, there will be folk dances, traditional singing, story telling, fair games and many other traditions.