Avec Moi

This is the debut of a sensational night to hit the clubbing scene. Away from your usual club nights and ever changing genres, it’s now time to extend my music selection for a larger part of the night together with a few more bassline gangsters.

The theme is chosen from the streets of France set to bring out the notorious fellas of the night who love to party away from the masses and away from the riches. Join La Revolucion, on the 15th December, down at Stardust, the perfect location for such a theme. We will also move the stage to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Joining me on the night will be Nicky Slim, Daniel Blade and Luc Adams. I will perform a 3hours (PLUS) set which will amalgamate the tracks I’ve been blasting for the last few years hitting genres by the likes of House, Tech house, Disco/Electro clash, Breakbeats and Techno.

Stardust – Sliema