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sandra Hammett

I am a post-secondary language lecturer by profession and I teach Maltese linguistics and Arabic. I simply love teaching and researching my subject, Semitic linguistics…..but cookery is indeed my other passion!! I am most at home and relaxed when I spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with different recipes….I simply cook anything (apart from lamb), and love trying new cuisines and techniques. I mostly cook seasonally, that is using the very best fresh local produce to create the most appetising dishes possible!! I have had no professional cooking training to date….but spending over twenty years in a Maltese kitchen, reading and referring to the piles of cook books and recipes

I have in my ever-growing collection, as well as the internet, and having very willing testers for my creations, have helped me become the cook I am today! I cook many types of food mainly Maltese dishes (which I sometimes give a modern twist!), and Mediterranean fare….but I also experiment with exotic cuisines like Indian, Turkish, North African and Asian. I also try to feed as many vegetarian dishes to my family as possible…..firstly because I am an ardent animal lover, but also because I know well the benefits of eating loads of vegetable daily! Although I love creating savoury dishes many tell me that sweets are my speciality!! I believe that my love of cookery sprouted at a very tender age watching my beloved mum, Lina Ebejer, who is an excellent cook, but also because creating a work of art on a plate satisfies my artistic side!!

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