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Been brought up surrounded by people know how to cook, nanna was the best and top cook! Learned old Maltese dishes from her and later on I done my own research on Maltese Cooking. My dad was a big influence on me as he was fantastic to cook rabbit and other Maltese dishes and sweets. Then at teenage I use to watch my auntie creating most beautifull cakes and from there I started doing my own cooking at home for the whole family. At school my home economics teacher pushed me to take it further so to teach cooking in school,cause i was really good in cooking at the age of 11/12 specially in pastries,  but I chose other things (my mistake!!).

Then at the age of 16, I went to catering school and started working in kitchen in a famous restaurant at that time,in 1990(20yrs old) I took part in the Competitions that use to be held at the Meditteranean home conference and won a silver medal with a mushroom dish and since then I never looked back. Kept on creating my own cooking based on old style Maltese cooking but with my own twist.

As for healthy eating, had liver problem when i was 7yrs, at that time not alot of info was available, but when it started affecting me later on, I done my searches on food nutrition and in present all my findings is supported by all medical professionals.

I am a believer in natural food, vegetables are my passion and wish that they are given more importance, they are the goodness from the soil which we neglect and they are the best thing for us all.

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