Tuna stuffed green peppers

My middle son Ibrahim is a picky eater he doesn’t like vegetables . Only vegetables he likes are stuffed globe artichokes (qaqocc) and stuffed green peppers. Also lately when I roast vegetables he eats it and asks for seconds. I ‘hide’ vegetables when I make meat or tuna pies by grinding veg in the food processor. This is my grandma and mum’s recipe.


12 medium size green peppers,top cut,cleaned of seeds and pith ,rinsed .

Save the top parts minus the stems to use in salads,fried with garlic or add to other vegetables and roast.

2 large tins tuna

about 8 slices day or more old  bread

1 onion

small bunch parsley



4 garlic cloves

2 peeled tomatoes

1/2 cup sliced olives green & black

1/2 cup sweet corn

salt and pepper

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper optional

2 table spoons olive oil

cheese for topping (for these in the picture I used cheddar but mozzarella or other cheese can be used.)


Preheat oven 190 C

Put the bread in a food processor and make it into fine bread crumbs.

Add the onion,tomatoes,garlic and parsley and process until fine.

Put this mixture in a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients.

Season to taste .

Fill the the green peppers and place in a greased oven dish. Put a piece of cheese or grated cheese on top and bake until the peppers are cooked.

Serve with rice,potato salad,couscous ,coleslaw,salad etc


2 Responses to Tuna stuffed green peppers

  1. Gloria Degiorgio says:

    These stuffed green peppers really look delicious, definitely on my menu list.

  2. my deBono says:

    Tnx I will do them for Friday dey look delicious

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