Tuna Crescents

These are simple to make yet very tasty as a snack and finger food for a party.No matter how much I make they seem to vanish as soon as I serve them !  😉

I have made them using all types of pastry but I found they keep their shape best using short crust pastry and when I make them using my pizza dough. 

Roll pastry out in a circle,

cut into 8 triangles,

then put some tuna mixture made with finely chopped onion,olives,garlic & some chili . Put the tuna mixture on the wide side of the triangle

then roll and shape into a crescent.

Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle sesame or black cumin and bake in hot oven til golden.

4 Responses to Tuna Crescents

  1. maria says:

    Nippruvahom dawn ta….

  2. Jym says:

    Please take this with the utmost compliment that it is meant to be. This looks like a recipe my Nana would share. No measurements, just do it 🙂 I miss her

    • lorraine says:

      Hi Jym thats sweet of you ,my nanna was very very dear to me too and I miss her every day she was my inspiration to my passion for cooking . Best regards ,Lorraine

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