Tuna crescents and small spinach qassatat

These are very popular when I have guests over and even when I make them for my family. They seem to vanish as soon as I put them down on the table. They are always the first to finish so I make sure to make a lot! Easy to make and you can vary and try new fillings ,like cream cheese ,finely chopped cooked chicken ,ham ,perhaps you have some left over roast meat etc.

Tuna stuffing mix : in the food processor pulsing a small onion,2 tins tuna,olives,parsley,peeled tomato,garlic and some chili. Rolled out pastry in a large circle and cut in 8 then put stuffing on wide part and roll towards the narrow pointed edge, Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle nigella or sesame seeds before baking in a med oven until golden.
Small spinach qassatat: I put some thawed spinach in a foo processor added cream cheese,3 chicken sausages ,a clove of garlic and seasoning. Greased a small cupcake 12 hole tin,lined with rounds of pastry ,put a little of the filling ,brushed with egg and gathered the edges ,puckering them . Sprinkled nigella seeds and baked in a med oven. Then I had spinach mixture left and made a spinach roly poly . When it was ready I cut into slices.DSCF9618DSCF9619DSCF9620DSCF9621DSCF9622DSCF9623DSCF9626DSCF9625DSCF9627

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