stuffed and baked centinarja (chayote)

Today I decided to stuff centinarja (chayote),peeled and cut it in half ,removed the hard inside core then scooped the flesh so I could fill it with meat stuffing.I saved the flesh I scooped out to use in a soup.
For the stuffing I used minced beef ,a finely chopped onionand 2 garlic cloves,parsley,some lemon pepper,salt and to bind the mixture I added a beaten egg . I had some left over filling so I stuffed some marrows.
Put some sliced onion,garlic and carrots in an oven dish then place the stuffed centinarja and marrows and added a few pieces of chicken I just rubbed well with salt and pepper. Added 2 cups water covered with foil and baked in a 200 C preheated oven for 45 minutes then uncovered and checked to see if they were cooked , When I uncovered the dish I sprinkled some grated romano on the stuffed veg then baked for 15 minutes moreDSCF1904 DSCF1895 DSCF1903

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