Spicy seafood rice

I used a frozen cooked lobster in its shell. First I defrosted the lobster and broke the shell and took the lobster meat , the roe called coral and set it aside. Then I put the shell ,claws etc in a saucepan added 4 1/2 cups of water,a bay leaf ,3 crushed garlic cloves ,seasoning and a piece of chili pepper and the juice of a lemon and threw in the juiced lemon. Let it boil then simmered for about 20 minutes. Strain through a colander and reserve the stock.
In a pot heat some butter and oil add 1 large chopped onion,2 garlic cloves and saute. 1 teaspoon smoked paprika,1/2 teaspoon hot curry ,1/2 teaspoon turmeric. Add the seafood mussels,prawns ,I used thawed frozen mixed seafood and the lobster meat . Saute for a few minutes then add 2 cups of rice .Pour over the strained lobster stock. Taste for seasoning then when it boils cover and simmer for about 11 minutes until the liquid is absorbed . Let it stand covered for about 5 minutes before serving.DSCF1529 DSCF1535 DSCF1527

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