Small marrows and tomatoes stuffed with tuna

This year for Good Friday I decided to make stuffed artichokes and prepared the filling with the day old bread crumbs,tuna,anchovies,olives,capers,garlic ,parsley ,olive oil,lemon juice,some chili,finely chopped onion and tomato . I stuffed the artichokes and still had a lot of stuffing left over. I decided to stuff the small round marrows and tomatoes.

I added another tin of tuna to the stuffing.

Then cleaned the marrows and tomatoes reserving the tomato juice and pulp I scraped out with a baller scraper.

I filled them with the stuffing.

I then fried some sliced onion in a saucepan until transparent,added a spoonful of tomato paste and the juice and chopped reserved tomato pulp ,added some chopped garlic cloves and some thyme and mint.

I put layers of peeled and sliced potatoes,seasoning each layer.On the top layer I sprinkled some chopped garlic and herbs and poured a cup of water.

Then on top I placed the stuffed marrows and the tomatoes. I drizzled a little olive oil on top . Covered with a lid and simmered until the potatoes and marrows were done.

I served this with the stuffed artichokes. 

2 Responses to Small marrows and tomatoes stuffed with tuna

  1. Felix Mifsud says:

    Keep the ‘deck of cards’ but pass me the stuffed marrows and tomatoes…..they look very good!! Like to see the food on Facebook and the website. Try these website for insperation… and, many recipes to choose from.

    • lorraine says:

      Hi Felix ,I usually fill my marrows with minced meat stuffing but seeing I had a lot of stuffing for my ‘deck of cards’ 😉 I decided to try stuff the marrows and tomatoes. Must say my family enjoyed them and asked me to make them again. I love to watch Food Network on tv and visit their web site as well but thank you for your kind suggestion. Best regards Lorraine 🙂

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