Roast veg & chicken wings

Mixed roast veg and chicken wings . Marinated the wings in mixed spice ,salt & pepper,pinch of chili flakes,2 tablespoons of Nick Hickory smoked sauce from Dical House ,Mosta .In a large bowl I put aubergine,mixed coloured peppers,onion,garlic all cut into large chunks,halved small tomatoes,thyme,cumin ,coriander ,seasoned with salt and pepper. In a small bowl I mixed lemon juice,half a cup of water,1 tablespoon of Nick Hickory smoked sauce from Dical House,Mosta and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Poured this mixture over the veg and mixed well then put it in a deep oven dish and put the marinated chicken wings on top. Covered with foil and put in a 180 C oven for 35 minutes,removed the foil and let it roast until the chicken is golden and the veg are nicely cooked . Will serve with yellow rice cooked with turmeric and ras el hanout spice mix.DSCF3490 DSCF3485 DSCF3486 DSCF3487

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