Roast Rabbit

Rub rabbit pieces with salt & pepper and put in a bowl. In another small bowl mix 1 tablespoon mixed spice,1 teaspoon all spice,2 teaspoons sweet paprika,4 bay leaves,2 tablespoonful of mayonnaise,2 tablespoons soy sauce,2 tablespoons worchestershire sauce,a few drops of Tabasco chili sauce ,juice of 1 lemon & as much chopped garlic as you like. Mix well then add to the rabbit pieces and rub in the marinade. Let it marinate for an hour or more even overnight.
Slice 3 large onions and 3 large carrots. Heat some oil in an oven dish and saute the onion & carrots and add 2 cups of chicken stock.Take off the heat and place the marinated rabbit in the oven dish. Pour over the remaining marinade. Cover with foil and put in the oven,200 C preheated for 30 minutes then after for 11/2 hours 120 C . Check to see if its as tender as you like it. Then uncover turning the heat up to 175 C to brown and crisp the meat if you prefer.
Sliced potatoes & peas can be cooked with the rabbit if you wish.DSCF1555 DSCF1553

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