Red Couscous with chickpeas ,chopped mint and parsley.

Years ago  first tasted this red couscous in a Turkish restaurant and loved its taste and red colour. I asked how its done and have made it ever since. You can add other veg or pulses to this couscous. To this I added chickpeas.

Heat a little oil in a small sauce pan and fry 4 tablespoonfuls tomato paste and a teaspoon of madras curry paste(you can omit the curry paste if you wish) ,then I add 250ml chicken or veg stock and let it boil then simmer. While its simmering in a large bowl put 500 g couscous,salt and pepper and about 4 tablespoons olive oil. Stir with a large fork until all couscous grains are coated with oil ,this will help keep the couscous fluffy and not clog up.Then add the tomato & chicken stock,stir and leave it a few minutes so the couscous swells . Add a can of chickpeas,chopped parsley and mint and juice of 1 lemon. Stir with a fork and if needed drizzle some more olive oil before serving.

You can fry some chopped onion before adding the tomato paste and add other spices like cumin or curry . 

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