Pickled vegetables – Turshi, Iraqi recipe

Cauliflower florets ,cabbage ,thickly sliced carrots,celery(the big stalked celery),aubergine,green and orange peppers. Layer and sprinkle sea salt and let them stand for at least 6 hours . Then rinse well and let them drain in a colander. I make it to every 1 ltr white vinegar I add 1/2 ltr water. 1/2 tablespoon turmeric,1/2 tablespoon hot curry (this depends on taste mild or hot ) bay leaves,I buy a packet of pickling spices which has 2 sachets and I use 1 . Today I doubled the quantities of the ingredients as I made 2 pots. Let the pickling mixture boil then add the vegetables and let them boil for 5 minutes . Take off the heat and let them cool then bottle in sterilized jars. These pickles are ready to eat after a few days.DSCF2254 DSCF2237 DSCF2238 DSCF2241 DSCF2248

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