My 2014 celebration gateau

I made this using presents I received ………..

lined a spring form tin with a cut up panettone . Had melted chocolate inside ,put some banoffee curd then crumbled some choc & praline truffles . Then with a mixer I beat up 500 g ricotta with a tub of mascarpone ,added icing sugar to taste,vanilla ,some crumbled choc praline truffles and 1 cup cranberries I previously had soaked in boiling water to soften and plump them (these I mixed in last using a spoon. Spread the ricotta mixture on top then decorated with chocolates.Put it to chill in the fridge .DSCF2148 DSCF2130 DSCF2131 DSCF2132 DSCF2133 DSCF2134 DSCF2135 DSCF2137

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