Lamb Stew

Heat oil in a large saucepan or pot. Lightly fry the lamb chops to seal. I had 8 lamb chops. Put the lamb chops in a bowl or dish until you cook the stew. In the same pot saute 2 large sliced onions,4 large carrots,2 thick celery stalks and a few garlic cloves. Add 1 tablespoon mixed spice, 1 teaspoon curry and 2 bay leaves. When the onion softens add sliced fresh mushrooms and cook for a few minutes. Pour in 1 bottle tomato passata ,1 cup stock and fresh shelled peas . Season and put the lamb chops back in the stew and after it boils put on low heat and let it simmer partially covered until the meat is very tender.1964927_550816151691997_1313118729_n

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