Kubbah Mosul

Today I am sharing with you a delicious Iraqi recipe. it is like a cottage pie but instead of mashed potatoes bulgar wheat is used .Bulgar or cracked wheat is also used in the traditional Arab salad tabbouleh although most use couscous as well. I was invited for dinner by Iraqi family friends and I really liked this . I decided to try it and it came out real good . Other Arab countries make this but this is how its made in Mosul which is a town in Iraq hence the name Kubbah Mosul. The bulgar wheat mixture can also be used to make Kubbah which are bulgar wheat  with a meat & pine nut filling shaped into sort of egg  then deep fried. This version of Kubbah Mosul is easier to make and healthier because its baked.

First of all rinse 250g fine or medium bulgar wheat under running water in a sieve
then put in a bowl and cover with slingfilm and let it rest til water is absorbed for at least an hour.

For the filling you will need :




  • 400g lamb or beef mince (can be done with chicken and for vegetarian one can use quorn meat substitute and walnuts  )
  • 1 big onion finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon kubbah spice or a mixture of cinnamon,allspice,cumin,marjoram and ground cloves
  • 1 cup pine nuts
  • 1 bunch finely chopped parsley.

Fry onion and add the minced meat the spices and salt & pepper and fry til meat is done,add the pine nuts and fry for another 2 minutes then add the parsley and stir in cook for a couple more minutes then its ready and put it aside.

Then squeeze the extra water if any from the bulgar and
add to it 2 teaspoon salt ,
1/2 tspn pepper,
1 tablespoon spice mixture as for filling.You will also need a chopped onion and 400g minced meat

In a food processer put half the chopped onion,half the minced meat and process til it is like a dough ,put in a bowl then do the same with the rest of the bulgar,onion etc. Knead the bulgar,meat mixture well .

Oil a baking dish traditionaly this is made in round dishes,I used a rectangle dish,then press half the bulgar&meat on the bottom if needed wet your hands to help you spread it evenly.

Then put the meat filling over it.

To make the top layer use clingfilm double the size of the dish you want to cover,press the bulgar& meat over it pressing it evenly til it is the desired size then cover it with the cling film and press .Take it over top of baking dish and carefully transfer it over the meat filling peeling the clingfilm as you ease it slowly. Then moisten your hands and press gently . Take a tablespoon of oil and brush the top. With a knife cut into portions ,traditionaly it is cut into diamond shapes.

Cook for 15mins on bottom shelf 180deg then another 15mins on middle shelf til top is golden brown.

Serve with a salad,hummous or yogurt .

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