Fruit cake (no oil,butter or sugar added)

I made this sugarless and fat less fruit & nut cake for Christmas .
Overnight I soaked 500 g mixed fruit (sultana,currants,raisins,cranberries,whole cherries,candied peel )in 400 ml strong hot tea and 100 ml orange juice and 1teaspoon rum flavoring .
Then the next day I added 200g roasted walnuts ,2 beaten eggs and 4 cups sifted self raising flour. Mix well and put in a greased tin (best to put a baking paper on the base ) Preheat oven to 180 C then when you put the cake in reduce to 160 C and bake for about 45 minutes (depends on your cooker) check with a skewer ,when it comes out clean it means that the cake is ready . DSCF1954 DSCF1952When it is still warm melt 2 tablespoons honey and brush the cake with it to glaze it,gives it a nice shiny look. You can add some brandy or rum to the honey when you glaze it . I decorated it simply with some red ribbon and a gold and green cake decoration.

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