Coconut & Strawberry jam Muffins

I1601318_570765973030348_2328610236865012764_nn a bowl sift 2 cups of self raising flour ,add 5 tablespoons of sugar and the zest of a lemon. In a jug whisk 1 large egg,1 cup milk (if you wish coconut milk can be used )and 1/2 cup of oil. Pour the liquid mixture over the flour and beat just until the flour is incorporated . Mix in 1 cup of coconuts .
Put a small dessert spoon of the batter in each of the muffin cups then a small teaspoon of jam (I chose strawberry jam ) and then top with another dessert spoon of batter on top. Bake in a 175 C preheated oven until they rise and are firm. Test with a skewer or tooth pick . When they cool a bit ,warm some jam and brush the muffin top then dip in coconuts.

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