Chocolate & Nutella cake

A rich lush chocolate cake ,I made it in a star mold cake tin and filled the centre with lots of melted nutella then covered the sides with more nutella and made a spiral design in the middle using white chocolate .
For the chocolate cake beat 3 egg whites until white and foamy then add 1cup sugar and beat for about 2 minutes using an electric beater,add 1/2 cup oil and beat for another minute.Beat in 3/4 cup yogurt.
Sift 1 cup flour ,1teaspoon baking powder a pinch of salt and 1/2 cup good quality unsweerned cocoa. Fold in the flour mixture.Do not over stir or beat.
Put the batter in a greased cake tin and bake in a 160 C oven fpr about 30 ,depends on ones oven.
Let it cool for about 10 minutes then turn out on to a wire tray and when its cool decorate with nutella or your chosen buttercream etcDSCF3288

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