Chicken,lentil veg and rice soup

Heat some oil in a pot and fry some chopped onion,1 teaspoon of ras el hanout spice or a mixture of cardamom,cumin,turmeric,fenugreek,chili,cinnamon,cloves,peppercorns or just some cumin,turmeric and pepper. Depends on taste . I like it a bit spicy so I add some chili or cayenne pepper.
Then add some chopped chicken breast or thigh meat and cook with the onion. add some chopped celery ,diced carrots and zucchini. If you wish even some diced butternut squash or pumpkin. Then add a cup of orange or green lentils stir in with the chicken and veg fry.pour over 1.75ltr chicken stock and let it boil then simmer on low heat ,add juice of 1 lemon and add seasoning according to taste.When its ready add half a cup of long grain rice and leave it for about 10 minutes then turn off. The rice will continue to cook in the hot soup until its time to serve.DSCF1066

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