Chicken stuffed with rice cooked in Casserole

Wash ,dry and rub a whole chicken with a mixture of salt,pepper,crushed garlic,some paprika and a dash or two of sweet chili sauce .
Heat some oil in a pot and add 1 tablespoon of ras el hanout spice,1 teaspoon of hot curry if you like the heat and I added a fresh sliced chili pepper de seeded which makes it a bit milder. Then add a large chopped onion and fry until soft. Add chopped mushrooms and I used 2 cups frozen diced carrots and peas mix. Add 2 cups long grain rice and fry for a few minutes then add 8 cups hot chicken stock. Season according to taste and cook for about 12 minutes until the rice absorbs the water but its still not cooked through.To the rice add 4 chopped garlic cloves and I added 2 chopped lemons that are preserved in salt . Stuff the chicken with the rice ,even under the breast skin so it remains moist. Put the remaining rice on the base of a large casserole or deep dish Place the stuffed chicken over it then add a can of chopped tomatoes and 2 cloves of chopped garlic on top.Put a lid on the cassserole dish or cover with foil and cook in a preheated 200 C oven for 1 hour ,then uncover and bake for a further 30-40 minutes checking to see if chicken is cooked through . When its ready let it rest for a few minutes then serve . The chicken is really very juicy and tender .DSCF1092 DSCF1094 DSCF1096 DSCF1079

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