Banoffee Gateaux

This is one of my fave desserts.


1 large pkt finely crushed biscuits (for this one I used chocolate & vanilla biscuits but I have used chocolate ,ginger or almond biscuits )

100 g melted butter

1 tin Nestle ready made caramel

1 large pkt whipping cream or 1 small pkt whipping cream and 1 tub mascarpone

4 bananas cut into slices

Cocoa powder for dredging to decorate.


Put the crushed biscuits in a bowl and pour the melted butter over them and mix.

Then turn out in a spring form tin and smooth and press it to make the biscuit base.

Chill for a few minutes in the fridge while you beat the cream.

Pour the cream and whisk adding some vanilla to it until its nice and thick.

If using mascarpone do the same beat it with the whipping cream. I do not add icing sugar so its not too sweet.

Take the biscuit base from the fridge and spread the caramel over it. Take care not to spread it to the ends of the tin because if you do it tends to stick to it and when you remove the spring form it will be a bit difficult and you may ruin your gateaux’s appearance.

Then I spread some of the cream over the caramel and layer the sliced bananas.

I sprinkled over the bananas some crushed roasted almonds ,cinnamon and sugar I had left over from a previous cake I made.

Then spread the remaining cream and decorate with sifted cocoa powder .

Chill in the fridge so the cream sets . Remove spring form to serve.

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