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  • Hi, by any chance does anyone know the recipe for the potato bread that was done in war time? I know they used about 20-30% of potato to flour but can’t find any more information. Any other recipes of the era would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Posted on 19:27 on 05 May
  • My mum was a little girl during the war she told me the planes would drop down lollies that were poison. She said the parents warned their kids not to touch them but they were all starving! She also lost her baby sister in the war from disease. It sure has made my mum a very strong person !

    Posted on 10:59 on 19 November
  • Hello. I am organising a 1940s event at Villa bologna next year and I would like to have a victory kitchen with authentic recipes. Can anyone help me please? Also can anyone tell me how Malta celebrated when the war ended? In the UK they had street parties but I know that Malta was so heavily bombed and just surviving was difficult enough that I would like to know if they did the same? Thank you

    Posted on 10:50 on 06 October