Fish Soup – Alliotta

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Brodu with meatballs and tortellini by Ruth Zerafa

by Ruth Zerafa

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Soppa tal Qarabaghli bil ful u pizelli friska by Marco Buttigieg

Saute onion, garlic and fresh mint. Add the rest of the ingredients,…

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Soppa tal-Armla – Widow’s Soup

There really is nothing like a hot pot of soup on those occasional chilly days in Lent when meat is eaten sparingly.

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Ministra Tal-Haxix – Maltese Vegetable Soup

Ministra Tal-Haxix – Maltese Vegetable Soup

Chop all the vegetables and place them in a pot.  Add 750ml of water, tomato puree’ and season.  Bring to boil and let simmer until…

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You can either have the kawlata as a single course dish – thick stew with crusty Maltese bread. Alternatively just before serving you can remove the meat, first eating a more liquid version of the stew (simpley add a bit more water whilst cooking) and then eat the meat afterwards.

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Spinach, bacon & potato soup – By Patty Azzopardi

This is a healthy vegetable soup, whose taste is enhanced due to the bacon, seasoning and cheese. It is easy to make and can be taken as a starter before a main course meal. It contains iron, potassium and some carbohydrates obviously to provide you with some energy.

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Bean Soup (Soppa tal-Fazola)

Though this is not the usual kind of soup that many are used to, it still tastes delicious especially with the addition of the bacon to enhance its taste.

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Lentil Soup with Croutons

This type of soup is mostly taken during the winter period. The vegetables which are used to make the soup help make this dish a healthy one.

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Chilled Cucumber and Mint Soup

This is a cucumber and mint based type of soup which is usually taken during the winter period.

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Chicken broth (brodu tat-tigiega)

“Brodu” is so much more than a simple chicken stock in Malta.  It’s a hearty meal, with 2 courses,  a delicious broth soup, and then the chicken itself, served with steamed/boiled vegetables, potatoes and crusty bread.

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Kusksu bil-ful – Broad bean and pasta soup

Fry the onion with salt and pepper. Add water and leave to boil. Add carrot, potatoes, broad beans, peas and chicken cubes and mix them all together.

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Soppa tal-Qara Ahmar – Pumpkin Soup

Heat the oil and fry the onion. Then add tomato pure and pumpkin. Fry gently for 5 minutes, make sure to stir continuously. Add 1 litre of boiling water, salt and pepper
Simmer until the pumpkin is well cooked.

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