Fish Soup – Alliotta

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Octopus with oil, lemon juice, red pepper flakes and seasoning dressing by Valerie Attard Bezzina

Clean and wash the octopus. Pat dry and do not cut up. Place octopus in a deep pan pour the red wine and cover . When it boils rapidly, simmer for 1 ½ hours…

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Tonn fil forn – Baked fresh tuna steaks by Marco Buttigeg

Marinate the steaks in the above ingredients without the seasoning for an hour. Add the parsley, mint and seasoning and bake for 20 to 30 mins in a preheated oven. When plating pour the sauce over the steaks.

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Bass in tinfoil

Place the bass on a sheet of tin foil with the cherry tomatoes, capers, oregano, the bay leaves in pieces, a little salt and a drop of oil.

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Fish in salt

Cover the bottom of a Pyrex dish with a 2cm layer of cooking salt.

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Swordfish parmigiana

Slice the aubergines thinly; cover with salt and let them drain in a colander.

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Dried salted COD FRITTERS

Bone the dried salted cod, boil it and drain.

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Mussels with parsley

Clean the mussels well and heat them in a pan to make the shells open.

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Swordfish CUTLETS

Beat the eggs in a dish without adding salt; put the breadcrumbs in another dish.
Let the fish soak in the egg for a few minutes, remove and roll in the breadcrumbs.

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Stewed squid

Clean the squid carefully, separating the heads from the sacs.
Cut the latter into rings and the heads into large pieces.

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Fish fry frittes

Put the flour, milk, parmesan, egg, parsley (finely chopped) salt and a sprinkling of nutmeg into a bowl.

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Maltese grilled garfish (Msella mixwija)

Scale and clean the fish if necessary, Rub the cavities with the lemon to give the fish some flavour.

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Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Quiche by Graziella La Manna

Preheat the oven to 200C/gas 6. Line an 28cm tart tin with the pastry and blind bake with greaseproof paper

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Kahli fil-forn by Marco Buttigieg

Place the fish on the sliced onion and add the rest of the ingredients.

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In olden days, Maltese people ate a special kind of bread during Lent.

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Spaghetti Vongole

On a chopping board start by dicing the onions and then cut the cherry tomatoes in half. Use a garlic crasher/mincer for the garlic.

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Lampuki Pie

Clean the fish , cut into slices and roll in the seaoned flour. Fry fish in hot oil untill golden brown, allow to cool and remove bones.

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Torta tal-lampuki

Lobster Ravioli

Unlike the crab and prawn ravioli, this recipe consists of lobster. Though it contains a certain number of ingredients it is worth it to taste the end result.

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Crab and prawn ravioli – By Patricia Azzopardi

For this recipe it would be best if you use fresh prawns, however frozen prawns can also be used though they should be cold and dry before going into the processor. Unlike the ravioli we are used to, these types of ravioli are filled with crab and prawns.

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Spinach, Ricotta and Salmon Pie by Patricia Azzopardi

Usually lampuki is used in order to make a pie containing fish, however in this recipe, salmon is used instead. This pie is then added with some vegetables which makes it all the more healthy.

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Lampuki Pie (Torta tal-Lampuki)

Unlike other types of pies this is a lampuki pie which thus consists of fish. Other ingredients are added in order to enhance its taste.

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Spaghetti with Sea Urchin Roe

I can still remember as a child diving in Xemxija at a place called “Ghar il-Fekruna” collecting sea urchins. We used to collect big bags full of fresh sea urchins split them open with a penknife and eat them raw.

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Spaghetti Rizzi

Cod Balls

These cod balls are usually served together with tomato sauce or a type of garlic sauce. They are similar to the anchovy puffs though the fish is different of course. This recipe will only take you about an hour to prepare after that you have left the cod overnight.

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Salt Cod Fritters

Salt cod fritters are quite delicious especially if you use the right method and ingredients to make them. The lemon and garlic help make it taste even more better.

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Baked Lampuki – Lampuki il-Forn

The lampuki season is here, and those who love fish will be eager to taste the lampuki with some type of tomato sauce or in this case with potatoes, capers, olives and other ingredients to enhance the taste.

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King Prawns with Lemon, Garlic and Chilli

King prawns are fairly easy to make if you have the right ingredients to enhance its taste. It may take a bit more than 3 hours to make, however the end result is quite delicious thanks to the chillies, lemon, garlic and parsley.

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White Bait – Makku

This is normally taken as a type of second course with a side dish of salad or chips according to what you prefer.

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Grilled Swordfish – Pixxispad Mimli

For some the BBQ season is already open. Swordfish is an excellent choice for grilling….This basic recipe can  be adapted to fit any taste. Swordfish is a healthy and delicious choice of fish to enjoy. Swordfish contains Omega 3 which is a type of oil with numerous health benefits.

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Bakkaljaw – Cod

There are many ways of cooking salt cod, the most obvious being to simmer it until tender, then to remove the bones, and dress it with garlic, parsley, lemon and olive oil, serving it with boiled potatoes and cauliflower…

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Fresh Black Pasta with Sea Urchin and Tomato Salsa

Combine flour, eggs and seasoning. Add oil and ink and blend to form a dough. Wrap and leave to rest overnight refrigerated. Open the dough on a well floured surface and cut into the tagliatelle. Boil for 6 minutes.

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Over the years i have tried many variants of this recipe – different types of fish can be used and I have tasted some with shellfish with vongole added. Rice is sometimes added to turn this dish into a full meal.

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Molol Bit-tonn u l-kapunata (Celentani with tuna and Caponata)

Boil the pasta lightly for about 3 minutes, drain, in a pot fry the chopped onion once golden add the mix tuna, kapunata, olives, capers and some parsley.

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Pulpetti tal-Makku – Whitebait Fritters

Beat the eggs well. Add salt, parsley, cheese  and whitebait to the egg mixture and continue beating until everything is well mixed.

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Fish with Tomato Caper Sauce

Cover the fillets with mixed ingredients. Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes or until fish flakes.

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Caper sauce for Fish

Melt the butter. Add lemon juice, capers, parsley and seasonings. Heat until it is sizzling and then pour over steamed or baked fish.

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This Mediterranean dish fits in perfectly with the Maltese cuisine. You should prepare the octopus stew only if you have plenty of time on your hands, since it requires long and slow simmering.

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