Brodu with meatballs and tortellini by Ruth Zerafa

by Ruth Zerafa

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Sliced beef meat loaf,potato salad and roasted marrows – Meat loaf by Lorraine Hussain

Today I made the meat loaf following a Food Network recipe. Put 1kg minced beef in a big bowl, add 1 medium onion finely chopped, 4 cloves garlic minced, 1 teaspoon coriander, salt …

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Ross Il forn (SERVES 4)

In a pot, fry the onions with some olive oil till translucent, add
bacon, and mince.

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Shepherd’s Pie

This is a simple, hearty dish, ideal for any cold winter evening. Cottage Pie or Shepherd’s Pie is mainly made of meat with gravy, potatoes and some vegetables. There are many varieties, as some people prefer certain ingredients instead of others. Most of the variants are easy to prepare.

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Qarabaghli mimli fil-forn – Stuffed Marrows

Stuffed marrows can be taken with broth,but they can also be baked and served with some delicious oven baked potatoes as a main plate. It doesn’t take long to make this recipe and it is also healthy due to its ingredients.

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Torta Tal-Bulu Bijf – Corned Beef Pie

This pie has been in my family and possibly in loads more Maltese households since World War 2. Tinned Corned Beef (Bulu Bijf) used to be used as a substitute for fresh meat which was scarce during the war.

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Bragioli (Beef Olives)

In a bowl combine all stuffing ingredients. Pound and flatten slices of steak. Spoon about 2 tbsp of stuffing on each meat slice and roll up the slice.

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