Gluten Free Nut Cake by Patricia Azzopardi

Place whole fruit and nuts in bowl, then stir in ground almonds and baking powder.

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Christmas cake recipe by Sandra Probert

This is a Delia recipe so everything was weighed and soaked.
Delia’s classic Christmas cake

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A Christmas Cake with a difference by Mary Sciclun

This Christmas cake pulls out all the stops – if you have the time, feed it with brandy in the run up to Christmas.

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Easy Truffles by George Sciberras

Insanely easy, but oh so rich!

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Baci Cake by Roselle Grech

The famous mouth watering baci cake

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Christmas Cake by Mary Rose Aquilina

Instead of a fruitcake, this is an Almond cake baked in a pastry shell and covered with Marzipan & fondant.  All decorations are totally edible

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Christmas Log recipe

Crush the biscuits and chop the nuts (make sure they are roasted beforehand). Mix all the ingredients (except Bar Milk Chocolate) by hand  in a large bowl. Shape Mixture to form ….

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How to Serve Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is a popular dish in Malta around the Christmas holidays. Many people are surprised to find out that it isn’t pudding at all. It is actually a moist, cake-like sweet bread, filled with nuts, raisins and other dried fruit. There are many variations on how to make Christmas pudding and how to serve it.

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Honeyed Wine – an aperitif – A 2000 year old Roman Recipe

Gently warm 200ml of the wine in a saucepan, add the honey, to taste, stir until incorporated, add the mint leaves and allow to cool. Remove the mint, mix in the remaining wine and then serve cold.

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Pudina tal-Hobz (Bread Pudding)

Il-Pudina tal-Hobz, (Bread pudding) brings back many fond childhood memories. I remember my mother recycling unused bread to create one of the most delicious deserts I have ever tasted. The Bread pudding uses once again the Maltese loaf as the prime ingredient, which is transformed into a delicious chocolate bread pudding.

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Qaghaq Ta’ L-Ghasel – Honey Rings

Put all the filling ingredients (except the semolina) into a saucepan and bring to the boil. After boiling, thicken with semolina, adding only a little at a time. Continue cooking tor a few seconds and leave to cool. Hence rub the margarine into the flour.

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